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Morph Suits
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Morph Suits.. If you have not heard of a morph suit then where have you been for the past year?! Morph suits have featured in everything from adverts to marathons and TV shows.. they are the craze of the fancy dress world. Morph suits are skin tight lycra suits that have 100% coverage on your body with a simple 2 way zip on the rear. You can see through your morphsuit, breathe through your morphsuit, you can even drink through your morphsuit without having to take it off! Taking a wee is not advised in your morphsuit though!

The Morph Suits are machine washable (unless you chose a printed pattern as opposed to standard colour) at a cool temperature and as they do not have lots of parts you will not lose anything, therefore you can guarantee to have lots of fun from your suit time and time again.

You will need to think about footwear when it comes to your morph suits, lycra is not a great defense against sharp objects, also a bum bag or some kind of system for holding you belongings on a night or day out would be of use as morphsuits do not have any pockets!

Morphsuits are sold according to your height rather than anything else.. you will see in any of our listings that it is measured accordingly:

Medium: Less Than 5ft 4"

Large: Between 5ft 4" & 5ft 10"

XL: Between 5ft 10" & 6ft 3"

XXL: Over 6ft 3" but smaller than the BFG!

We sell morph suits in Red -Black - Blue - Gold - Green - Orange - Pink - Purple - Silver - White - Yellow and now also in:

Camo Morph Suit - Zebra Morph Suit - Leopard Morph Suit - Tuxedo Morph Suit